Bonding and residue-free detaching

A Better Way to Protect Lithium Polymer Batteries in Mobile Phones

The market-leading tesa Bond & Detach® series now offers a new premium tape that provides an even more secure hold for the newest generation of lithium polymer batteries inside portable electronic devices.

May 11, 2017

tesa Bond & Detach® tapes provides manufacturers with more security and flexibility when it comes to bonding of batteries in mobile phones.

Phone batteries have typically been held in place and removed using a sliding mechanism, but as devices like smartphones and tablet computers become increasingly thinner and lighter, their space and weight requirements leave less space for traditional slide-in hard case batteries. Additionally, as the power demands of mobile phones grow, their batteries must be able facilitate higher energy use. This creates an engineering challenge: how do you make a battery with higher capacity that is still lightweight and compact enough to and fit inside ultra-flat devices?

The solution is a lithium polymer battery (sometimes abbreviated as LiPo). Unlike lithium-ion cylindrical and prismatic cells, which have a rigid case, LiPo cells have a flexible, foil-type (polymer laminate) case, which means the cells are more than 20% lighter than equivalent cylindrical cells of the same capacity. This means manufacturers can easily produce batteries of almost any desired shape, which helps meet the space and weight requirements of mobile phones and tablets. With these factors in mind, manufacturers are turning to soft batteries to power the smart phones of the future – and they’re using tesa Bond & Detach® to hold these LiPo batteries in place.

Electronics Smartphone bond and detach battery mounting
Battery mounting with tesa Bond & Detach®

tesa Bond & Detach® revolutionizes the mounting of batteries in smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices

Unlike other double-sided tapes, the tesa Bond & Detach® series is easily removable, without any special tools or materials required and without applying heat. This saves manufacturers time by making it easier, faster, and safer to replace the batteries in electronic devices.

During the assembling, removability is especially important, particularly in mass production. When new smartphones are produced ahead of a market launch, up to ten percent of the finished devices have to be reopened. Often, this is done from the back – right where the battery is located. So when it is simple to remove the battery unharmed, the manufacturer saves significant amounts of both time and money.

In the after-sales service, tesa Bond & Detach® enables the fast and easy replacement of the battery, once it’s performance weakens. The quick and convenient use of Bond & Detach® also assists in the disassembling process where the various components from the device are recycled.

Bonding and Residue-free Detaching
tesa Bond & Detach® enables the fast and easy replacement of the battery

Our shock-improved tesa® 770xx series is the perfect quick bonding solution for secure protection of the batteries

In order to meet the high requirements of the rapidly changing smartphone market, we have developed a new foamed Bond & Detach® tape. Similar to the other tesa Bond & Detach® tapes, tesa® 770xx offers strong quick-bonding with safe residue free removal. These alow not only fast and easy assembling, but also disassembling of the battery in the smartphone. Yet because it accommodates higher shock requirements caused by higher capacity batteries, tesa® 770xx series is the perfect solution for the secure protection of the batteries. Various scientific tests have shown that if a smartphone is dropped, our tape affords ten times better resistance to shock than the standard stretch and release tapes.

To learn more about the benefits of tesa® 770xx for both manufacturers and consumers, please contact your local tesa sales representative or write us a message in the contact field below.