tesa® ACXplus for the Elevator Industry

Fixation of metal plates to assemble elevator doors and frames.

Apr 22, 2016

Fixation of metal panels

An Argentinian elevator manufacturer called on us for a new, alternative tape solution for the fixation of metal plates to assemble elevator doors and frames. They manufacture a variety of different elevator types, both commercial and industrial, that are distributed to clients worldwide.

We offer many adhesive tapes suitable for mounting applications in the elevator industry. In this case tesa® ACXplus 7063 was found to be the best fit due to its long-lasting holding power. In cooperation with the elevator manufacturer, tests were done to see if tesa® ACXplus 7063 was suitable for the fixation of metal plates to assemble doors and frames on their elevators.

tesa® ACXplus 7063 is a high-performance tape with a visco-elastic foamed acrylic core. They exhibit considerable bonding power and stress dissipation, while also being resistant to weather and temperature. These characteristics provide a very high level of adhesion to many easy and hard to bond to surfaces – a very successful application solution.