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The new tesa® 65605 mounting tape adds greater flexibility to a variety of uses
Removable, reusable, residue free, and revolutionary

Removable, reusable, residue free, and revolutionary

The new tesa® 65605 mounting tape adds greater flexibility to a variety of uses

In today’s fast-paced global economy, companies increasingly need the ability to securely mount signs, labels, visual boards, and other bonded parts for extended periods of time – then remove these elements without leaving behind unsightly foam residue. From manufacturers who utilize a visual card system like Kanban that allows teams to communicate more easily during the manufacturing process to tradeshow booth fabricators, the temporary bonding of disparate materials requires a great degree of freedom and flexibility.

Specially formulated for applications requiring removability

The new tesa® 65605 mounting tape adds greater flexibility to a variety of uses
The new tesa® 65605 mounting tape adds greater flexibility to a variety of uses

tesa® 65605 is a double sided polyethylene (PE) foam tape with a permanent adhesive on the open side and a removable adhesive on the covered side. The special formulation of the adhesive makes residue free removal possible. Since signs and visual boards are often magnetically fastened, their use is limited to metal surfaces. However, with the newly developed, multi use tesa® 65605, removable signs can be mounted and demounted to and from a wide variety of surfaces. The covered side of this tape removes residue free and can be re-used (up to 5 times). In addition, both features work well on many non-delaminating surfaces.

tesa® 65605 mounting tape offers excellent peel adhesion on multiple surfaces, including steel, aluminum, glass, and PVC. Even after a long period of time, there is no significant increase of peel adhesion. The removable (covered) side is equipped with a pure acrylic adhesive, specially developed for applications requiring removability. The PET reinforcement film protects the foam backing from deformation, when removed from the substrate, while high density PE foam backing is used to avoid foam splitting.

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A versatile double sided adhesive for today’s temporary bonding needs

From POS materials to exhibition booth fabrication to the mounting of signs, labels, visual boards, and other presentation pieces, tesa 65605 offers manufactures and fabricators the freedom and flexibility they need to drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Compared to objects with a magnetic backing, tesa® 65605 objects can be mounted and demounted to and from a wider range of surfaces, which enables reuse and saves cost. To learn more about this versatile adhesive, please contact us via the contact form on the bottom.