Flush Design for Interior Fit-Out

We make a modern flush design (glass-to-frame) with a convenient, aesthetic bonding method.

Aug 24, 2017

How to build a flush design element?

With our tesa® ACXplus 704x, 707x and 709x series we offer a bonding solution using a single high performance tape to cover two demanding aspects of flush designs of interior fit-out: safe bonding performance and aesthetic appearance without leaving imprinted edges on the glass.

No visible edges. No bubbles on the glass. Aesthetic results.

With these advantages we promise clean designs with an excellent bonding method, as seen on glass partition walls and in clean rooms. Therefore our products come in a variety of colours, which accentuate the aesthetic aspect, with no other tape coverage needed.

There is immediate and strong bonding on glass, as well as on coated materials such as anodized or powder coated aluminium.

The use of the tesa adhesive tape technology eliminates inconvenient cure times, the process is simple, and at the same time the structure is stable enough to keep the glass panel in place. The work process is significantly faster than that of liquid adhesives, and there is no need for subsequent work such as the tedious, time-consuming removal of adhesive residues.