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Partnering for the mobility of the future

Triple expertise: tesa, Vulkan Technic, and Liebherr are elevating battery pack assembly for electric vehicles to a new level


Oct 18, 2022

Battery packs represent the heart of every vehicle that is powered electrically. Previously, many individual companies/contacts were necessary for bonding and assembling these battery systems. Now, with an adhesive tape producer, a material manufacturer, and a general contractor working closely together, customers can get everything from a single source. Battery production is thus simplified by implementing an automated and tape-based solution.

The collaboration combines the products, competencies as well as processes of the partners into an ideal solution:

  • With tesa® ACX 76730 Box Seal, tesa adds a new, flexible adhesive application that, in addition to the reliable, clean, and automated sealing of battery packs, also enables rework repair of the battery pack possible without any problems.
  • Vulkan Technic delivers the appropriate application concept.
  • Liebherr is responsible to implement the entire production process, as a general contractor.

A unique cooperation between specialist companies

Box seal application on battery pack

Box seal application on battery pack

tesa® ACX 76730 Box Seal

tesa® Box Seal
- Can be attached to battery packs with lids and to battery packs that are directly mounted to the underbody
- 100% sealing with different gap dimensions
- Does not require any curing time and can be applied easily and automatically
- Health and safety risks for users are minimized
- Battery pack can be reopened during production or after end-of-line testing for reworking

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Lukas Herbst

Lukas Herbst

International Product Manager
Automated Applications