Powerful bond. Primerless process.

Introducing tesa® ACXplus Primerless Line, our highest performing line of permanent exterior mounting tapes

Jul 31, 2018

Constructive bonding of attachment parts to car bodies can be very challenging. Dissimilar materials like plastics, metal, and glass have different coefficients of thermal expansion, so when they warm up or cool down, they expand and contract at different rates. In addition, parts that need to be bonded to a vehicle’s exterior have different levels of surface energy. Acrylic foam based adhesive tapes, thanks to its viscoelastic feature, join materials gently and permanently. For this reason attachment parts like emblems, body side moldings, rocker panels, and fender flares can be securely mounted to exterior car body surfaces and withstand all external influences throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

Developed for the permanent mounting of LSE and MSE plastic substrates and clear coats

tesa® ACXplus Primerless Line is our new category of high performance tapes for exterior attachment part mounting. Because it is primerless, this double-sided acrylic foam tape delivers a permanent bond from the moment it’s applied – without the need for primer. Applying primer as part of the attachment part mounting process is an expensive, time-consuming, and hazardous process. So if you can eliminate the primer in production, you get bottom line benefits from greater process efficiency and a lower total process cost. On top, no matter whether it is a low temperature down to 5°C or a high temperature up to 40°C, within the first minute after application our primerless products reach a near-ultimate peel adhesion level on most substrates, whereas the typical solutions on the market need hours to days for achieving ultimate performance. At the same time, the more environmentally friendly production line helps you meet stricter environmental standards and provide healthier working conditions.

tesa® ACXplus 778XX

This triple-layer symmetrically designed double-sided acrylic foam tape was engineered especially for automotive exterior attachment part mounting. Coated on both sides with LSE adhesive, it offers high initial performance on LSE plastics – as well as on difficult-to-bond OEM clear coats. And thanks to its viscoelastic acrylic foam core, tesa® ACXplus 778XX has the ability to absorb and dissipate dynamic and static loads.

tesa® ACXplus 77808

tesa® ACXplus 777xx

Especially developed for applications in the automotive industry to securely bond exterior attachment parts to the easy-to-bond car body, tesa® ACXplus 777XX is a unique double-layer asymmetrically designed product, coated on one side with LSE adhesive for high initial performance on LSE plastics.

tesa® ACXplus 77708

Features and Benefits

  • High initial performance on LSE plastics and difficult-to-bond clear coats without primer
  • Superior peel-adhesion level right after application
  • Excellent bonding stability at an application temperature as low as 5°C
  • Efficient and robust application
  • Viscoelastic acrylic foam core to compensate for different thermal elongation of bonded parts
  • Outstanding wet-out property
  • High humidity and UV resistance


  • Aeroflaps
  • Body side molding
  • Brake light spoilers
  • Door edge molding
  • Roof ditch trim
  • Trunk molding
  • Fender flares
  • Pillar appliqués
  • Rocker panels
  • Roof rails
  • Shark fin antennas

Get the ACXplus Primerless Line Advantage

To learn more about the technical aspects of our line of high performance tapes for exterior attachment part mounting, please visit our exterior automotive webpage.