tesapack® ultra strong

tesa pack® ultra strong is a heavy-duty packaging tape. It is equipped for demanding applications calling for the extra security of a highly tear-proof tape.

  • Highly tear-proof PVC backing
  • Natural rubber adhesive ensures excellent adhesion
  • High sealing security

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Main features

  • Highly tear-proof PVC backing
  • Natural rubber adhesive ensures excellent adhesion
  • High sealing security
  • For packaging and bundling of heavy goods
  • Even, low-noise unwinding
  • Suitable for use with all available tesa pack® hand dispensers

Product description

tesa pack® ultra strong is a heavy-duty packaging tape. It combines an extra strong PVC backing with an adhesive coating made from natural rubber for excellent adhesion. This highly reliable PVC tape is available in a brown or transparent version and was especially made for ecommerce applications and web shops. It offers superior qualities that match even demanding applications requiring extra sealing security. Use this highly tear-proof plastic packaging tape to pack and bundle heavy goods and everything that calls for secure sealing.
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There will always be situations calling for a packaging tape that offers more than the usual strength and sealing security. tesa pack® ultra strong is a top of the line PVC packaging and sealing tape that gives you extra confidence that your parcel will stay closed until it reaches its destination.

PVC packaging tape with extra strength

tesa pack® ultra strong offers all vital characteristics turning it into an outstanding packaging and sealing tape to match even demanding requirements. The tape is available in a brown and a transparent version It features an extra strong PVC backing that is not likely to tear. It is therefore perfectly suited to pack and bundle even heavy goods.

Ideal packaging for ecommerce

tesa pack® ultra strong is a preferred packaging and sealing tape for webshops or online shops dealing with products that call for reliable sealing under all circumstances. They know the value of a well-sealed shipping carton and appreciate the reliability of such a premium-class packaging material.

Available in two versions and formats

To match a wide range of packaging requirements, tesa pack® ultra strong not only comes as a 38 mm or 50 mm wide packaging tape. It is also available in a brown or transparent version.

Easy sealing and ergonomic handling

tesa pack® ultra strong not only offers superior strength and sealing security. This brown packaging tape is also equipped for even and low-noise unwinding. Plus it matches any of the tesa pack® hand dispensers for easy and effortless bundling and carton sealing.