tesapack® standard

tesapack® standard is a carton sealing tape offering reliable sealing especially in combination with light-weight parcels and packages.

  • PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive
  • Adequate sealing security

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Main features

  • PP backing
  • Solvent-free adhesive
  • Adequate sealing security
  • Easy unwinding (noisy)
  • Suitable for use in all tesa® hand dispensers

Product description

tesapack® standard is a carton sealing tape designed for everyday household use. It comes in a brown or transparent version and is perfectly suited to seal light-weight parcels and packages. Based on a UV-resistant Polypropylene film in combination with a solvent-free self-adhesive coating, tesapack® standard is free from PVC and toxic substances. The packaging tape unwinds easily and can be used with all tesa® hand dispensers for fast and easy application.
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tesapack® standard is a multi-purpose self-adhesive packing tape that perfectly matches everyday household applications. Use it as a versatile tape to quickly seal an envelope to safely send away important documents or close a parcel for shipping.

Packing, sealing, ready to ship

tesapack® standard was developed as a cost-effective carton sealing tape. It offers just the right qualities for many situations at an especially reasonable price. Typical applications include those lightweight parcels and packages that anyone hast to send away from time to time. With tesapack® standard you do not need any cord. Neither do you need to tie any knots. You simply wrap a strip of the tape around your parcel and you are ready to head off to the post office.

Two versions for a variety of applications

tesapack® standard is available either with a conventional brown or a transparent backing. Use the brown version to seal a parcel or a shipping carton. Apply a strip of the transparent tape to nicely wrap a gift or give your parcel an especially elegant look.

Free from solvents and PVC

tesapack® standard is a flexible Polypropylene tape that is especially suitable to to seal soft packages. The PVC-free packaging tape offers adequate adhesive powers and features a self-adhesive coating free from any chemical solvents.

Made for easy application

tesapack® standard unwinds easily from its core and is prepared for fast and easy application on any parcel, box or envelope. For professional-style packing, use it in combination with any of the tesa® hand dispensers that feature a built-in blade for easy cutting.