tesa® Powerbutton Hook Round Chrome

  • Simple and easy mounting without drilling
  • Secure hold of objects up to 8 kg*
  • Chrome-plated, water-proof and temperature-resistant

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Dimensions: 1 Hook

Main features

  • Simple and easy mounting without drilling
  • Secure hold of objects up to 8 kg 1
  • Chrome-plated, water-proof and temperature-resistant
  • Ideally suited as a bathroom hook
  • Convenient for hanging large towels or bathrobes
  • Effortlessly removable without residue 2

1 doesn’t stick to stucco, wallpaper, polyethylene, PTFE or PP
2 cannot be removed without residue from stucco or wallpaper

Product description

The self-adhesive hook from the Powerbutton range is water-proof and is perfectly fitted as a bathroom hook. Due to the patented adhesive technology, it can be installed without drilling and can nonetheless bear loads up to 8 kg. Attaching even heavy objects to it is no problem at all. The chrome hook is striking with its elegant design, and all you need are pliers to remove it without a trace. Your bathroom tiles stay immaculate.

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This is how you attach the bathroom hook:

1. Clean the place where you want to install the hook with alcohol or a silicon-free cleaning agent.
2. Attach the self-adhesive adapter to the wall.
3. Fill the adhesive into one hole until it starts coming out the second.
4. Allow ca. 12 hours for the adhesive to set, then screw the bathroom hook to the adapter with an Allen key.

To remove the bathroom hook, first unscrew the hook from the adapter. Afterwards, you can simply twist the adapter off the wall with pliers. Adhesive residue can be effortlessly removed with a scraper.