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tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal 4kg

Height adjustable adhesive nail for up to 4kg. Perfect for hanging and aligning objects like kitchen utensils on smooth and solid surfaces like tiles & metal.

  • For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors
  • For objects up to 4kg per nail or 8kg using 2 nails
  • Height adjustable for straight alignment of objects

Order no:
Dimensions: 2 Hooks + 6 Strips

Main features

  • For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors
  • For objects up to 4kg per nail or 8kg using 2 nails
  • Height adjustable for straight alignment of objects
  • Removable without a trace
  • Reusable with a new strip

Product description

tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal and the corresponding Adhesive Strips, included, can hold up to 4 kg per nail. They offer a secure hold on smooth and solid surfaces. The innovative height adjustability makes them especially suitable for the vertical alignment of objects or the use of two adhesive nails for one object. Easy and convenient mounting without the surface damage and hassle associated with a hammer or drill. Thanks to the patented Powerstrips® Technology the Adhesive Nail is removable without leaving a trace and is reusable with a new tesa® Adhesive Strip.
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tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nails for Tiles & Metal 4 kg – each with two of the included Adhesive Strips – are ideal for hanging several decorative objects in line – or you can use two Adjustable Adhesive Nails for one object. The simple, secure and damage free way to hang kitchen utensils or other small decorative items on surfaces like tiles, metal, veneer and glass where drills or hammers would cause damage. Each Adjustable Adhesive Nail can hold up to 4 kg, and using two nails can double the holding power.

How to apply – Step by step

1. To ensure the best possible bond, clean the surface with a silicone-freewindow cleaner or methylated spirit. The surface should be completely dry before application.
2. The Adhesive Strip should be applied to the rougher surface.
3. Press down evenly over the entire strip for at least 5 seconds and then remove the protective foil. Be careful not to touch the exposed adhesive area at any time.
4. Now apply your tesa® Adhesive Nail by aligning it on the top edge of the strip and then folding it down. Press down evenly on the entire nail for at least 5 seconds.
. The tab should be left accessible behind your object or beneath the nail for easy removal.
6. Push the red toggle up to unlock and adjust the nail head to the desired position, and then lock the head in place by pushing the red toggle back down until it clicks into place.

tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nails for Tiles & Metal 4 kg are made for use on surfaces like tiles, metal, veneer and glass – surfaces where drilling or using a hammer is very likely to result in cracks, chips or breakages of the surface. That’s not the case with this Adhesive Nail for tiles – there’s no need for tools. All you need to hang your object is inside the pack. Adhesive Nails provide you with the ideal way to hang pictures and other small decorative items. It’s easy to hang several pictures next to each other or use two nails for one larger picture, and because they’re adjustable, you can be sure that everything you’re hanging is going to be perfectly aligned.

Simple to attach, even easier to remove

Hanging your object using a tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail for Tiles & Metal takes a matter of minutes. When you want to move your object or change it for something new, it's easy. Just grab the exposed tabs and stretch the strips down up to 35cm, slowly and parallel to the wall, (one strip after the other) to release the thousands of tiny bonds that make up the adhesive surfaces. Make sure not to press the Adhesive Nail or your object against the wall while you do this as this may prevent the strips from stretching and cause them to tear.

Use again

This Adhesive Nail can be used more than once, so it fits in well with an environmentally aware lifestyle. Just get a refill pack of tesa® Adhesive Strips for Tiles & Metal from your tesa® Smart Mounting System retailer to reuse your Adhesive Nail again and again.

For solutions to mounting on glass, plaster, wallpaper, brick and other surfaces, please use the Product Finder and refer to our other tesa® Smart Mounting Solutions.
Not suitable for any non-stick materials.