Wedding Glass Vases

Wedding Glass Vases

Sometimes the best ideas are the least expensive: These decorative flower vases shine like gold – Filled with different types of flowers, they embellish the table and look super elegant. And yet, these wedding vases are simple painted glass bottles …

This is how to do it:


Collect all required items and let's start!

Step 1


Work with spray paint only in well-ventilated rooms. Mask off the working surface with tesa Easy Cover®. Coat the bottles with the golden spray paint, repeating the process two times – avoid applying the color too thickly and thus creating color drips. Allow to dry.

Step 2


Mask off the area where no glitter is desired, using masking tape and paper.

Step 3


Coat the free area with spray glue. 

Step 4


Apply the glitter carefully …

Step 5


 … distribute it evenly and press it on. Allow the surface to dry.

Step 6


Carefully peel off the masking tape and remove the paper. Then allow the bottle to dry completely.

Step 7

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