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Valentine's card: Homemade with love and feathers

Forever & ever. A heart sometimes says more than a thousand words. What do you bet that the recipient of this homemade, feathered card will feel like they're floating in the clouds on Valentine's Day?

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 30

We need:

Red cardboard: 24 x 12 cm Patterned paper: 8 x 8 cm Ruler Pencil Cutter Scissors Hole-puncher Ribbon Red decorative feathers tesa® double-sided adhesive tape tesa® Easy Stick®

How to do it:

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 1: Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 2: Fold card in half

Fold red card in half and stick the patterned paper in the middle on the front.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 3: Stick on tesa® double-sided adhesive tape

Stick two strips of tesa® double-sided adhesive tape in a V shape to the lower half of the card and pull off the protective foil.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 4: Stick on feathers

Stick on two feathers in the shape of a heart.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 5: Punch holes in card

Punch a hole in the card at the bottom to the left and right of the ends of the feathers.

DIY Valentine's Card / Step 6: Pull ribbons through

Pull the ribbon through from the back and tie a bow at the front.