Toy Net Organization Idea for Bath

Toy nets clean up the bath

Everything that children need for a happy splash in the tub is safely stored in the shopping nets – and they dry in no time. They hang on terrific tesa Powerstrips® Waterproof Haken Zoom Metall. It looks good and quickly brings things into order.

Level of difficulty Original & quick

What We Need:

Shopping nets tesa Powerstrips® Waterproof Haken Metall

How It Is Done:

Thoroughly cleaning the desired spot.

Attach hooks for the nets to the tiles as follows: After thoroughly cleaning the desired spot, wipe the tile with the primer cloth included in the package. Wait 10 seconds.

Remove protective paper press the Powerstrip to the desired spot.

Remove protective paper on one side of the Powerstrip and press the Powerstrip to the desired spot on the tile with the red line at the bottom. Press hard for five seconds.

Attach the white plate of the hook to the strip.

Remove second protective paper, release transparent base plate from the hook and attach with the smooth side above the red line, press hard for at least five seconds.

Set the hook on the base plate.

Set the hook on the base plate and push it down until it clicks.