Tie Rack

Tie Rack

Too many ties and nowhere to hang them? No problem. Why not convert a spice rack into a handy tie rack? It's quick and easy to make and held securely in place wtih tesa® Powerbond INDOOR.

  • A spice rack made of wood (for example "BEKVÄM" from IKEA)
  • white enamel varnish
  • paintbrush
  • undercoat paint
  • scissors
  • alcohol- or silicone-free glass cleaner
  • tesa® Powerbond INDOOR


tesa SE
DIY Tie reck / Step 1: Overview


Collect all items and let's start!

tesa SE
DIY Tie reck / Step 2: Paint


Paint the shelf with the undercoat and, once dry, the white varnish.

tesa SE
DIY Tie reck / Step 3: Apply strip


Apply vertical strips of tesa Powerbond® INDOOR approximately 5 cm apart on the back side of the shelf (having first removed any dust).

tesa SE
DIY Tie reck / Step 4: Press


Press firmly on the tape for five seconds taking care not to touch any of the adhesive.

tesa SE
DIY Tie reck / Step 5: Remove protective films.


Remove protective films.

tesa SE
DIY Tie reck / Step 6: Clean the back


Clean the back of the wardrobe door with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner, then position the rack in the desired place. Press firmly for five seconds.

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