Test Tube Vases

Test Tube Vases

Everybody has flower paintings on the wall, but what about real ones? All we need is a touch of creativity, canvasses, test tubes, the proper adhesive know-how and, of course, the main actors: some uniquely beautiful flowers set in glass vases! Framed by a pastel painting in graduated tones from white to magenta, as a nice addition to the pink surroundings.

  • Canvasses (40 x 50 cm, 20 x 40 cm, as well as two 30 x 40 cm)
  • brush
  • wall paint or varnish matching the color of the wall and a lighter tone from the same color family (alternatively, lighten the paint with white)
  • test tube vases
  • tesa® On & Off General Purpose Hook & Loop Coins, self-adhesive, white, ø 16 mm (2 pieces per vase)
  • tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster (1kg)

Time frame: 15 minutes per canvas + 2 hours drying time

  • How we do it:


    Collect all items and let's start!

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Overview


    Paint the canvas borders (about 10 cm wide) with the lighter color tone.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 2


    Use the darker color for the inner part, paint on the still wet color edges and let them bleed into each other. This creates a color gradient moving from light to dark.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 3


    Place 2 soft Hook & Loop Coins on each test tube. Stick the hard counterparts of the coins to the desired spot on the dried canvas.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 4


    Clean the wall from any dust and dirt. Peel-off a Powerstrip® from the sheet.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 5


    Place it on the desired spot on the wall and press firmly on different parts for at least five seconds.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 6


    Remove the protective film.


    Place the Adhesive Nail on the Powerstrip® and press firmly on different parts for at least five seconds. If necessary, adjust the height of the nail.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 8


    Place the frame on the Adhesive Nail and stick the water-filled test tube vases to the Hook & Loop Coins. Decorate the vases with single flowers.

    DIY Test Tube Vases / Step 9
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