Stylish dog kennel

Does your entire home look great, but all the dog gets is a simple basket? That’s not fair! Here you can find instructions for building what will probably be the most stylish kennel in the neighbourhood!

And this is how it’s done


These instructions are based on a dog kennel measuring 90 cm in diameter. You can find other sizes in the building instructions (PDF download).

Step 1


The first thing is to mark and cut out a whole load of triangles:

  • 10 equilateral A-triangles with each side measuring 27.81 cm
  • 25 isosceles B-triangles (one side measures 27.81 cm, while the other two sides each measure 24.59 cm)
Step 2


Tape together five B-triangles with tesa extra Power® Universal so that the short sides join while the long sides remain outward. As you do so, make sure that the tape lies inside the curvature.

Repeat a total of 5 times until all the B triangles are formed into 5 large pentagons.

Step 3


Place two of the finished pentagons together with an A-triangle …

Step 4


… and stick them together on one side.

Step 5


Now mark and cut out the base panel measuring 90 cm in diameter. For this, you’ll simply need to connect two pencils with a string measuring 45 cm in length. Press down on one of the pencils in the middle of the cardboard and draw a circle with the other pencil by holding the string taut.

Step 6


Stick the combination of the two pentagons and one A-triangle (see step 04) to the edge of the base panel. Stick on two more pentagons and the A-triangles that lie between them, so that there is now just one side open to form the entrance.

Step 7


Stick on the remaining A-triangles so that now only the roof is missing.

Step 8


The final pentagon forms the roof. Place it on the structure and fix it with tape on the inside.

Step 9


To create the right look, first prime the façade with white paint and allow it to dry …

Step 10


… and then paint it in the colour of your choice. tesa® PERFECT masking tape will help you to get neatly painted edges.

Step 11


After the paint is dry, simply remove the masking tape.

Step 12


The coolest dog kennel on the block is now complete.

Step 13

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