Stars Advent Calendar

Stars Advent Calendar

Hidden behind the decorative stars, there are small chipboard boxes, which are glued to the wall in the form of a Christmas tree using the practical Powerstrips® POSTER. Good to know: After the holiday season, they can be removed without a trace.

How we do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Advent calendar / Overview


Cut out the templates for the numbers and the stars.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 1


Using the fineliner, transfer 24 stars templates on the cork board and cleanly cut them out with the cutter.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 2


Glue the numbers in the center of the cork stars using the glue stick.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 4


Place a piece of Handicraft tape on the covers of the boxes and peel off the protective film.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 5


Glue the stars in the center of the top cover.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 6


Select a design in which the boxes are to be hung on the wall. We choose a Christmas tree. Slightly mark the outlines with a pencil. Before applying the Powerstrips, clean the surface thoroughly. Peel-off a Powerstrip from the sheet…

DIY Advent calendar / Step 7


…place it on the backside of the boxes and press firmly. Do not press on the latch. Now remove the protective film.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 8


Firmly press the boxes on the desired position on the wall for at least five seconds.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 9


Fill the boxes with cool Christmas gifts and place the star covers on them.

DIY Advent calendar / Step 10

DIY Star Stencil

DIY Star Stencil - 1-6

DIY Star Stencil - 7-12

DIY Star Stencil - 13-18

DIY Star Stencil - 19-24

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