Simple vertical garden

Simple DIY Vertical Garden

Bring nature right into your home with this beautiful vertical garden. It doesn’t take long to create a mini ‘living wall’ that will breathe new life into your bathroom or living space.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 20

Video tutorial

Simple DIY vertical garden

We need:

a simple white wooden tray - this one is 48cm x 48cm brass drawing pins a 6m length of brass wire of 0.8mm width scissors ruler hand drill a selection of Tillandsia plants adjustable adhesive screws

How it's done:

Overview of materials needed for a simple DIY vertical garden

We need: a simple white wooden tray - this one is 48cm X 48cm, brass drawing pins, a 6m length of brass wire of 0.8mm width, scissors, ruler, hand drill, a selection of Tillandsia plants, tesa® adjustable adhesive screw for tiles & metal 3kg

Drilling holes when creating a vertical garden.

So that you can mount your vertical garden securely on the wall, drill two holes at the top of the back of the tray using the hand drill.

Pressing drawing pins into a tray to create a vertical garden.

Press the drawing pins into the sides of the tray at regular intervals.

Creating a framework with brass wire when making a vertical garden.

Use the brass wire to create an attractive graphic design criss-crossing the tray. The ends should be secured beneath the drawing pins, which should be pressed firmly into the frame of the tray.

Wall-mounting a tray using tesa® adjustable adhesive screws for tiles & metal 3kg while making a vertical garden.

Following the instructions in the pack, apply the tesa® adjustable adhesive screws for tiles & metal 3kg to your tiled surface. You can finely adjust the height of the adjustable adhesive screws after attachment to ensure that the tray is perfectly level. Now your vertical garden is ready for some plants!

Enjoy your own hanging garden!

Do you crave more greenery in your home? Why not try out this simple DIY vertical garden. No need for soil – these plants are varieties of Tillandsia. These clever little evergreen shrubs grow without soil.

tesa products required for this project