Photo Wind Chime 'Vacation Memories'

Almost like leaves in the wind – the photos from your last vacation move with every breath of air and tell of a time that rushes by far too quickly ... so, we simply immortalize our memories with our wind chime ideas.

  • 1 brass tube (ø 0.5 cm), 1 brass tube (ø 0.3 cm)
  • hacksaw
  • guide rail
  • photos of sunsets and printed map sections of the corresponding locations
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • circle cutter (alternatively, compass and scissors)
  • punch pliers
  • thin golden cord
  • tesa® Stick eco Logo®
  • tesa® Powerstrips Ceiling hook


For this DIY photo wind chime, we need:

1 brass tube (ø 0.5 cm), 1 brass tube (ø 0.3 cm), hacksaw, guide rail, photos of sunsets and printed map sections of the corresponding locations, scissors, pencil, ruler, circle cutter (alternatively, compass and scissors), punch pliers, thin golden cord, tesa® Stick eco Logo®, tesa® Powerstrips Ceiling hook.

Time: approx. 1 hour.

Step 1


Cut 6 equal circles each (ø 6.5 cm and ø 8 cm) from the photos and the corresponding map sections. If you don't have a circle cutter, use a compass and scissors.

Step 2


Apply glue to the backside of a photo circle using the tesa® Stick.

Step 3


Glue the circle onto its map counterpart.

Step 4


Punch holes into the small circles – one on top and one on the center bottom. The larger circles are only punched at the top.

Step 5


Saw the brass tubes in the following sizes: 1 x 30 cm x ø 0.5 cm und 3 x 20 cm x ø 0.3 cm

Step 6


Assemble the picture wind chime as follows:

Loosely tie together large and small circles with the golden cord. Leave a longer piece of cord hanging from the small circle at the top. Tie these cords to the ends of the three 20-cm brass tubes. Tie a longer piece of cord in the center to hang it on the bar. Now tie the three elements in different lengths to the 30-cm piece of brass rod.

Mount the Powerstrips Ceiling hook to the ceiling according to the instructions on the packaging. Fasten another cord in the center of the top bar and hang the wind chime on the ceiling hook at the desired height. Let it swing out and, if necessary, balance it by moving the cords on the rods.

Step 7
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