Paper rosette

Paper rosette

Interior decorating: The birthday party decorations "paper rosettes" are easily mounted with the picture hangers tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO Hooks Large.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration

We need:

Patterned wrapping paper for home decorations ruler scissors pencil paper clips white cardboard puncher 3-mm wide ribbon for hanging tesa® Glue Stick tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO Hooks Large

How we do it:

Paper rosette / Step 1

Collect all required items and let's start!

Paper rosette / Step 2

Per rosette, cut out 3 squares, for example, 28 x 28 cm, 20 x 20 cm (measures should be divisible by 2). Fold all squares in 2-cm intervals, like an accordion. If you find it difficult to fold the paper free hand, mark thin lines using a pencil. Fold the resulting strip once in the middle. Then, cut off the tips diagonally.

Paper rosette / Step 3

Glue the strips together in the middle.

Paper rosette / Step 4

Spread some glue also on the edges, and stick together all three parts, creating a fan.

Paper rosette / Step 5

From the white cardboard, cut off two strips - 2 cm wide x length of the fan - and glue them on the outer edges. Cut off any protruding corners.

Paper rosette / Step 6

Unfold the rosette and fix the backside with a paper clip. Then, punch a hole at the top of the opening through both parts.

Paper rosette / Step 7

Pull the ribbon through the holes.

Paper rosette / Step 8

Before applying the Powerstrip®, thoroughly clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or a silicone-free multi-purpose cleaner.

Paper rosette / Step 9

Peel-off the Powerstrip® from the sheet. Place it on the surface and press firmly for at least five seconds. Remove the printed protective film.

Paper rosette / Step 10

Firmly press the hook for at least five seconds on the strip. Do not press on the latch. Finally, tie the ribbon with the rosette to the hook

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