Baby wall decoration: Owls


Baby room ideas: These sweet owls will keep a watchful eye on your kids. The home decor "paper birds" are fixed with the removable adhesive strips tesa Powerstrips® POSTER.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration

We need:

Owl templates (large and small) thick paper for stencils thick patterned paper (scrapbooking papers) pencil scissors tesa Easy Stick® tesa Powerstrips® POSTER

How it´s done:

Overview of what we need for this DIY tip.

Overview of materials.

Transfer the stancils onto the papers.

From the sturdy paper, create a stencil using the template. Transfer the stencils onto the papers.

Cut it out.

Cut out all parts.

Apply tesa Easy Stick® to all single parts.

Apply glue to the backside of all single parts.

Glue all parts together.

Glue all pieces together, according to the template.

Take-off tesa Powerstrips® POSTER.

Peel-off tesa Powerstrips® POSTER from the sheet.

Glue tesa Powerstrips® POSTER on the backside of the owls

Apply tesa Powerstrips® POSTER on the backside of the owls and press firmly for at least five seconds. Do not press on the latch.

Clean and dust the surface.

Before applying the Powerstrips®, clean and dust the surface thoroughly.

Remove the protective film.

Remove the protective film from tesa Powerstrips® POSTER.

Press the owls on the desired location.

Firmly press the owl in the desired location on the wall for at least five seconds.