No drill Bathroom Shelves

No Drill Bathroom Shelves

The wall mounted shelves in decorative box or triangular shapes hang on braided cords, which in turn are attached to round tesa® Adhesive Screws. The advantage: The DIY decorative shelf will safely hold as long as you need it and leaves no holes in the wall when you remove it.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 60

We need:

Flat square or triangular wooden boxes (approx. 25 cm side length) Colored braided nylon cords: approx. 60 cm per square box, for the two triangular boxes approx. 1.20 m Drill Ruler Pencil Scissors Lighter Per box 1 x tesa® Round Adhesive Screw (5 kg) Matching cap nuts (M4)

Time (without the drying time for the adhesive screw): approx. 1 hour

This is how we do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

Step 2

Mark the drill holes: two holes per box - approx. 18 cm apart, at 1.5 cm from the back of the box. For the two triangular boxes: Make sure that the drill holes are exactly one on top of the other.

Step 3

Using a wood drill (according to the size of the braided cord, here about 8 mm) drill out all holes.

Step 4

Divide the nylon cord into 30-cm pieces.
Hold each cord end shortly above the flame of the lighter to seal it before threading.

Step 5

Pull the cords through the corresponding holes and knot tightly.

Step 6

For each box or set of boxes, attach one adhesive screw to the tiled wall (follow the instructions on the packaging) and allow the adhesive to dry overnight.

Step 7

Place the metal cover on the adhesive screw.

Step 8

Fit the nut and tighten the cap nut for extra hold.

Step 9

Hang the boxes so that the cord is anchored between the nut and the cap nut.

tesa products required for this project