Mount a make-up mirror

Mount a make-up mirror

and get a close up of your reflection

Level of difficulty : Original & quick

How we do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

tesa SE
Step 1 / Mount a Mirror


Make sure the reverse of the mirror and the surface you're sticking to are both clean.

tesa SE
Step 2 / Mount a Mirror


Cut two or three strips of tesa Powerbond® MIRROR and apply them to the reverse of the mirror. Be careful not to touch the adhesive on the tape.

tesa SE
Step 3 / Mount a Mirror


Press the tesa Powerbond® MIRROR tape in place for five seconds.

tesa SE
Step 4 / Mount a Mirror


Remove the protective film on the tape.

tesa SE
Step 5 / Mount a Mirror


Clean the surface before positioning the mirror.

tesa SE
Step 6 / Mount a Mirror


Position the mirror in place and press firmly for five seconds.

tesa SE
Step 7 / Mount a Mirror

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