Hang in there - with the self-crafted maritime mobile with paper fish and wooden spheres. Everything is possible with the discreet because transparent tesa Powerstrips® Deco Hooks, because they simply disappear after use.


tesa SE
Mobile / step 1


Collect all required items and let's start!

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Mobile / step 2


Mask different areas, lengthwise or crosswise, on the wooden spheres, using tesa® Masking Tape Perfect.

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Mobile / step 3


Place the spheres on the wooden sticks and paint the masked areas with acrylic paint. Put to dry in a glass. After drying, remove the masking tape.

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Mobile / step 4


From the thick paper, create a fish stencil using the template. Transfer the outlines of the fish on the watercolor paper and then cut out the fish.

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Mobile / step 5


Moisten the fish with water and paint the edges with the water color.

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Mobile / step 6


Now create the single mobile parts. At various intervals and sequences, string spheres on the cords and apply the fish. Stick a strip of tesa® double-sides adhesive tape Universal to the backside of every second fish and remove the protective film. Slide the wooden spheres on the cord - knot the cord, so that the spheres are fixed.

tesa SE
Mobile / step 7


Place the cord in the center on the double-sided adhesive tape. Now stick on the second fish. Repeat this procedure until the desired length is reached. Fix the single mobile parts to the driftwood and attach a piece of string in the middle to hang the mobile.

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Mobile / step 8


Thoroughly clean the area, where you wish to apply the tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO Hooks LARGE.

tesa SE
Mobile / step 9


Remove the protective film from the Powerstrip. Apply the Powerstrip and press firmly for 5 seconds.

tesa SE
Mobile / step 10


Remove the protective foil from the other side

tesa SE
Mobile / step 11


Stick the hook to the Powerstrip and press firmly for 5 seconds.

tesa SE
Mobile / step 12


Hang the finished mobile on the hook.

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