DIY festival totem

DIY Festival Totem: Making a festival giraffe

Did you lose track of your friends at the big music festival? A festival totem in shape of a giraffe made out of cans and tape is a practical mascot so you don’t lose each other at festivals.

Level of difficulty Original & quick

What You Need:

18 empty beverage cans 1 hobby knife 1 hobby mat 1 pair of scissors festival silver duct tape blue cloth tape

How to Create a Festival Totem out of Duct Tape:

DIY Festival Animal Step 1

First the legs and neck: for each of these, stick 3 cans together and hold them in place with Gaffer tape. Then affix several strips of tape lengthwise until the pipe of cans is completely covered. Now repeat steps 1 and 2 four times: then your 4 legs and neck are finished.

To make the body, tape 2 cans to each other as in steps 1 and 2.

DIY Festival Animal Step 2

Hold one leg to one end of the body at a 90-degree angle and tape it in place. Attach the second leg to the body right next to the first one.

DIY Festival Animal Step 3

Repeat step 5 at the other end of the body. So that the giraffe can stand up well later, wrap Gaffer tape around the ends again.

DIY Festival Animal Step 4

Now attach the neck to the body with a couple strips of Gaffer tape.

Tip: it’s best to put the opening of the can at the front of the body and the bottom of the can at the bottom of the neck. That way, it is easier to tape the two parts together.

DIY Festival Animal Step 5

To make the head, wrap tape lengthwise around a can and attach it to the neck with a couple strips of tape.

DIY Festival Animal Step 6

Next, stick several strips of black Gaffer tape to the hobby mat. Use the hobby knife to cut out giraffe spots of various sizes...

DIY Festival Animal Step 7

Next, stick several strips of black Gaffer tape to the hobby mat. Use the hobby knife to cut out giraffe spots of various sizes and stick them to the giraffe. Start by putting the larger spots in the middle and decorate the legs, neck and head with smaller spots.

DIY Festival Animal Step 8

To make the tail, fold a piece of black Gaffer tape about 20 cm long in the middle. Keep one end open ...and stick it to the body.

DIY Festival Animal Step 9

Cut 2 small squares out of the blue Gaffer tape and glue them to the head to make the eyes. Use 2 small pieces of black Gaffer tape for the ears. Fold both so that a small strip of adhesive surface remains free on both ears. Use that to attach the ears to the head.

DIY Festival Animal Step 10

Now, for the mane, fold 40 cm of black tape together and keep about 1 cm of adhesive surface free. Make incisions into the Gaffer tape every 0.5 cm and then stick it to the neck.

DIY Festival Animal Step 11

The festival giraffe can stand!

DIY Festival Animal Step 12

For a special effect, you can also attach a self-adhesive LED light to its nose.

DIY Festival Animal Step 13

Finally, attach the wooden pole to the middle of its belly. To do so, take 2 pieces of Gaffer tape and use them to connect the body and the wooden pole. Then wrap a horizontal strip around the wooden pole.

DIY Festival Animal Step 14

Done! Now you can see your festival mascot far and wide.