Magazine rack

Magazine rack

Organization ideas: The magazine rack counts among your most useful kitchen accessories. It is mounted with the removable adhesive strips tesa Powerstrips® LARGE.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 1

We need:

Slim magazine rack tesa Powerstrips® LARGE


Magazine rack / Step 1

Collect all required items and get started!

Magazine rack / Step 2

Remove the upper protective film from the Powerstrips®.

Magazine rack / Step 3

Firmly press one Powerstrip® for at least five seconds each on the left and right top side of the previously cleaned magazine rack. Make sure that the latches protrude on the edges.

Magazine rack / Step 4

Before applying the Powerstrip®, thoroughly clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or a silicone-free multi-purpose cleaner.

Magazine rack / Step 5

Remove the second protective film.

Magazine rack / Step 6

Firmly press the magazine rack to the door for at least five seconds. Check out our other organizing ideas!