DIY Decorative Lanterns


Can you believe it? Veneer wood and dried leaves turn plain glass lanterns into beautiful and unique pieces.

Level of difficulty Original & quick

What we need:

Dried leaves veneer wood (here: oak, available from the carpenter) plain glass lanterns scissors pencil ruler tesapack® Perfect & Strong tesa® double-sided adhesive tape ECO FIXATION tesa® Spray Glue PERMANENT

How we do it:

DIY Decorative Lanterns Overview

Colect all items and let's start!

DIY Decorative Lanterns Step 1

In order to make the veneer wood sturdier, it is fully covered - slightly overlapping - with tesapack® Perfect & Strong.

DIY Decorative Lanterns Step 2

Transfer the dimensions of the lantern to the front side of the veneer wood: desired height x circumference + 1.5 cm.

DIY Decorative Lanterns Step 3

Cut out the wood with the scissor.

DIY Decorative Lanterns Step 4

Glue the leaf in the desired position on the Wood.

DIY Decorative Lanterns Step 5

Cut a 1.5 cm strip of tesa® double-sided adhesive tape ECO FIXATION, according to the wood height; glue it on one side and remove the protective film.

DIY Decorative Lanterns Step 6

Carefully position the wood around the lantern and glue it together.

tesa products required for this project