Build your own drum

Build your own drum

Why not make your own music at the next festival? Build your own homemade drum – it's easy!


DIY Festival Drum Step 1


First firmly tape the gaffer tape across the open side of the bucket in the form of a cross. Make sure that the strips of tape are taught to give the drum more stability.

DIY Festival Drum Step 2


Now place tape over the entire open end of the bucket: start in the center and move outwards, placing the gaffer tape crosswise, tightening and taping down the tape one side at a time.

DIY Festival Drum Step 3


Almost there...

DIY Festival Drum Step 4


Finally, wrap the white gaffer tape around the ends of the tape. For best results, repeat this step 3 to 4 times to ensure that everything holds perfectly in place and the tape-ends are no longer visible.

DIY Festival Drum Step 5


And that's it! Have fun with your drum!

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