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Hand-crafted soccer étagère in porcelain color

Better than any trophy. When watching soccer makes you hungry, this hand-crafted étagère will be a game-changer for your halftime break: There's plenty of room for snacks on these stacks!

Level of difficulty For ambitious hands
Duration 30

We need:

Soccer ball template white paper DIN A3 packing paper as mat for the spray glue cutting surface cutter tesafilm® Mini Dispenser ecoLogo flat white plates (Ø 21 cm and 27.5 cm) tesa® spray glue REPOSITIONABLE black porcelain paint (e.g. by Marabu) stippler breakfast bowls and cups or glasses to stack

How we do it:

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 1: Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 2: Templates

Fold the white paper in the middle, making a DIN-A4 sheet, place the soccer ball template on the fold line and attach it with tesafilm®.

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 3: Cut

Use the cutter to cut out the black areas of the ball and the outer edge.

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 4: Spray

Unfold the stencil and spray it with tesa® spray glue REPOSITIONABLE.

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 5: Press firmly

Put the stencil onto the plate and press down firmly; don't let any bubbles or folds form at the edges!

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 6: Paint

Use the stippler to apply some porcelain paint. In order to make sure that there's not too much paint on the stippler, wipe off excess paint on a piece of paper, then dap it onto the stencil.

DIY Hand-crafted Soccer Etagère / Step 7: Remove

Remove the stencil right away and repeat the process with the second plate. After drying (after three days, the paint will be dishwasher-ready at 40° C) stack the plate with a cup, glass and bowl into an étagère.