tesa trendpapier 4 / Idee 2: Papiersterne / Aufmacher

Great Christmas moments out of paper

Attention, snuggle alarm! Floating above your favorite place there are huge, homemade folded stars made of robust paper. They are held by ceiling hooks that can be removed without a trace after the holiday.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 45

We need:

Thick paper: Photo board or wallpaper remnants Pencil Ruler Folding stick Scissors Clothespins tesa Easy Stick® tesa® All-Purpose Glue tesa Powerstrips® Ceiling Hook

How we do it:

DIY Paper Stars / Step 1: Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Paper Stars / Step 2: Cut paper to size

Cut two squares per star out of the papers. Large star 53 x 53 cm, medium-sized star 45 x 45 cm, small star 30 x 30 cm. If using patterned papers put the pattern inside! Fold the square in half and firmly crease the fold line with the folding stick, unfold and fold the other side in half.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 3: Turn and fold

Turn the square and fold diagonally 2 x.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 4: Unfold paper

Unfold, the folded lines now look like how they are depicted in the Figure.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 5: Make markings

Turn square and put markings on the crease of the straight edges toward the top as follows: large star 11 cm, medium-sized star 9.5 cm, small star 6.5 cm.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 6: Cut open edges

Cut open the edges up to the markings.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 7: Fold paper

Fold to the diagonal folding line.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 8: Coat triangles

Coat each one of the triangles so formed with the tesa Easy Stick®.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 9: Paste together the points

Glue star points over one another.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 10: Set with a clothespin

Set with a clothespin.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 11: Repeat the procedure with the other square

Repeat the procedure with the other square. You see the finished parts on the Figure.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 12: Mark cutting points

Lay the two parts offset over one another and mark the cutting points.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 13: Apply tesa® Vielzweckkleber.

Underneath each of the markings apply a thick blot of tesa® Vielzweckkleber.

DIY Paper Stars / Step 14: Glue stars to each other according to the markings

Now glue both parts on each other according to the markings. So that nothing slips, lay the star on a crate for drying. Punch a hole through one point of the star after drying and using a pretty ribbon hang up on the tesa Powerstrips® ceiling hook.