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Gradient pegs

A great kitchen decor! The question "How to hang pictures?" is easily answered by the gradient pegs fixed with the picture hangers tesa Powerstrips® LARGE!

Level of difficulty : Leisurely inspiration

Organizing tips: How annoying, when papers and receipts fly around the kitchen, disappear or get grease stains. However, if they stick to the fridge, held by large clothespins, order is restored. Moreover, since Powerstrips® stick to almost any surface, the pegs can organize your notes even on tiles or in the doorway, and be removed any time without leaving residues. How to hang pictures? Check out our interior design ideas!

  • Large wooden clothespins 15 x 3.5 cm (craft supplies)
  • acrylic paint in white and blue
  • brush
  • painting pad
  • tesa Powerstrips® LARGE

How we do it:


We need:
Large wooden clothespins 15 x 3.5 cm (craft supplies), acrylic paint in white and blue, brush, painting pad, tesa Powerstrips® LARGE

Gradient pegs / Step 1
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 1


Disassemble the clothespin and paint it in different shades of blue.
After drying, reassemble the peg.

Gradient pegs / Step 2
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 2


Remove one protective film from the Powerstrip®.

Gradient pegs / Step 3
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 3


Firmly press the Powerstrip® for at least five seconds on one upper side of the peg. Make sure that the latch protrudes on the edge.

Gradient pegs / Step 4
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 4


Remove the second protective film.

Gradient pegs / Step 5
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 5


Before applying the Powerstrip, clean and dust the surface thoroughly.

Gradient pegs / Step 6
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 6


Firmly press the peg for at least five seconds to the surface. A great kitchen decor!

Gradient pegs / Step 7
tesa SE
Gradient pegs / Step 7
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