Gold Ring Calendar

Gold Ring Calendar

For this calendar, an old gymnastics hoop plays the lead role – nicely painted in gold, and adorned with many Christmas gift ideas.

  • Wooden gymnastics loop ø 60 cm
  • brush
  • gold paint
  • gold ribbon
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • sturdy wrapping paper with gold pattern
  • mirrored cardboard in gold DIN A4
  • strong white paper
  • number stamps (approx. 2 cm)
  • black stamp pad
  • punch pliers
  • puncher ø 4.5 cm and 3.3 cm
  • fine golden thread
  • green twigs
  • gold wire
  • tesa Glue Stick ecoLogo®
  • tesa Powerstrips® Transparent DECO Hooks LARGE

How we do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Advent Calendar / Overview


For these Christmas decorations, punch the smaller circles from the white cardboard, and the larger circles from the golden cardboard – 24 pieces each. Stamp the numbers from 1 to 24 onto the white circles.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 1


Use the glue stick to glue the white circles onto the golden circles.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 2


Cut the wrapping paper twelve times for each size: for the larger boxes in DIN A4 format, for the smaller boxes in the format 18 cm x 20 cm. Fold the long sides of the paper sheets to the center. For an exact result, mark the center on the short sides with the pencil.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 3


Now fold the sheet in the center and open it again.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 4


Then fold a line from the upper center to the middle right inflexion point and reopen it. Fold all corners as described above.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 5


Fold the box in the center, fill it, and slide both halves into each other. Make sure that the filled boxes with the wooden ring weigh not more than one kilogram!

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 6


Punch a hole into the center of the upper part. Thread a longer piece of golden yarn through the hole and knot it.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 7


Use the glue stick to glue the number circles on the boxes.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 8


Clean the wall from any dust, peel-off a Powerstrip from the sheet and remove the protective film on one side.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 9


Apply the Powerstrip on the desired position on the wall and firmly press on various spots for 5 seconds.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 10


Now remove the second protective film.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 11


Place the hook on the Powerstrip, and press firmly for at least five seconds.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 12


Coat the wooden ring with the gold paint, allow to dry. Decorate the top part with twigs and attach a ribbon. Hang it on the wall and arrange the parcels with the golden yarn. This is just one of many Advent calendar ideas!

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 13

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