Glasses and Carafe

Glasses and Carafe

Who needs an aquarium, when fish swim on glasses and a carafe? Do it yourself! It is much easier than you think – thanks to tesa® Masking Tape Perfect!

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 30

We need:

Carafe and glasses fish template thick paper for the stencil pencil cutter cutting mat satin paint foam stippler brush tesa® Masking Tape Perfect

How we do it:

Glasses and Carafe / step 1

Collect all items and let's start!

Glasses and Carafe / step 2

Stick a small strip of masking tape on the cutting mat

Glasses and Carafe / step 3

Using the template, transfer the fish outline on the masking tape with the pencil.

Glasses and Carafe / step 4

Cut out the fish with the cutter and remove the masking tape from the cutting mat.

Glasses and Carafe / step 5

Stick the adhesive stencil in the desired position to the glasses and the carafe. Press firmly on the edges in order to avoid color smudges.

Glasses and Carafe / step 6

Now paint the fish using the stippler brush.

Glasses and Carafe / step 7

Allow the color to dry slightly and remove the masking tape. In order to allow the glass to be washed, fix the color in the oven, according to the instructions of the paint manufacturer.