DIY World Map Wall 'Vacation Memories'

Europe, Asia or maybe South America? Where to next? Or did you just come back? Whatever, on this world map photo wall, you may mark your dream travel destinations – or highlight where you've already been. Perfect for those who travel a lot and might lose track!

Level of difficulty Original & quick

For this world map wall sticker, we need:

World map wall decal vacation photos satin ribbon (3 mm wide) scissors black marker pen tesafilm® Invisible tesa® TACK adhesive pads color tesa® TACK transparent tesa® TACK transparent XL tesa® Marker Notes transparent.



For this world map wall sticker, we need:

World map wall decal, vacation photos, satin ribbon (3 mm wide), scissors, black marker pen, tesafilm® Invisible, tesa® TACK adhesive pads color, tesa® TACK transparent, tesa® TACK transparent, adhesive pads XL, tesa® Marker Notes transparent.


Glue the world map decal to the wall according to the instructions on the packaging. Attach photos in small groups on the wall near the holiday destination using adhesive pads or TACK transparent.

For larger pictures, use TACK XL.


Cut the tip of the Marker Notes to an arrowhead.


Connect the location and photos with the satin ribbon by gluing one end to the photos with a piece of tesafilm® Invisible and the other end to the location on the labeled arrow.

tesa products required for this project