DIY wall decoration

DIY wall decoration

Creating an impressive DIY wall decoration is easier than you may think. The individual DIY wall decoration is a true eye-catcher, proving that you don’t have to turn out your pockets for a good taste in interior design. Visit our site, and we will show you in a video clip how true this is!

Level of difficulty : Leisurely inspiration

  • Blue shades and white cardboards in A4
  • A ruler
  • A cutter
  • A pencil
  • A folding stick
  • A rubber
  • A cutting surface
  • tesa TACK® XL

How we do it:


What We Need:

We need blue shades and white cardboards in A4, a ruler, a cutter, a pencil, a folding stick, a rubber, a cutting surface, and tesa TACK® XL.

Overview of Materials


Cut 21 x 21 cm squares out of the cardboards.

tesa SE
Cut 21 x 21 cm squares.


Mark the center of the square with the pencil.

tesa SE
Mark the center of the square.


Fold the corners to the center and go over the edges with the folding stick.

tesa SE
Fold the corners.


Rub out the pencil markings.

tesa SE
Remove pencil markings.


Take tesa TACK® XL out of the sheet

tesa SE
Take tesa TACK® XL.


Place the adhesive pads in the center of the squares.

tesa SE
Apply tesa® Tack XL


Press the squares diagonal on the wall starting with the bright colored.

tesa SE
Press squares to the wall.


Enjoy your self-made wall design!

Enjoy your wall decoration!