DIY vase idea with deco tapes

DIY vase idea with deco tapes

As easy as it gets! Simply whiten beautiful, old glass bottles, then just use your imagination and decorate them with tesa® Deco Tape. If you get tired of the design, simply remove the tape from the bottles, and start all over again!

  • different beautiful glass bottles
  • white gloss paint
  • painting pad
  • rubber gloves
  • scissors
  • tesa® Deco Tapes



This is how to do it:


What we need for this DIY project

Different beautiful glass bottles, white gloss paint, painting pad, rubber gloves, scissors, tesa® Deco Tapes.

tesa SE
Overview of materials needed for DIY vase idea.


Fill gloss paint into bottles

Wash the bottles thoroughly and allow them to dry completely, otherwise the paint will not transfer. Fill some gloss paint into the bottles.

tesa SE
Filling gloss paint into bottle


Let paint dry

Move the bottle back and forth, so the color can evenly distribute inside. Pour and drain any excess paint. Allow the bottles to dry thoroughly, which can take several days.

tesa SE
Turn bottle to spread paint inside


Decorate bottles

Now decorate the white bottles with tesa® Deco Tapes after your fancy.

tesa SE
The bottle now gets a creative designe with deco tape

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