Create your own candle holders with stars!

DIY Candle Holders With Stars

This stairs decoration puts candles (safely!) in the limelight - and it looks beautiful. Especially when the DIY candle holders are decorated with paper stars. They are quickly and easily applied with the help of the new glue stamp, and thus have a great 3D effect.

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 15

We need:

star templates simple glass cylinders in different sizes tracing paper thick white paper pencils scissors ruler cutter cutting mat adhesive roller glue stamp

How it's done:

Overview of materials needed for DIY candle holders with stars

We need: star templates, simple glass cylinders in different sizes, tracing paper, thick white paper, pencils, scissors, ruler, cutter, cutting mat, adhesive roller, glue stamp

Cut the paper

For each DIY candle holder, cut a piece of tracing paper in the following sizes: circumference x height of the single glass cylinder + 2 cm.

Glue the paper around the lantern

Glue the paper around the lantern.

Cut out stars and transfer them

Cut out stars from the template and transfer them on the thick white paper using these stencils.

Cut out the stars

Cut out the stars.

Use the glue stamp on the center of the star

Apply glue in the center of the stars using the glue stamp.

Glue the stars on the lantern

Glue the stars on the lantern.

Enjoy your DIY candle holders with stars!

Put your stairs (safely!) in the limelight with these candle holders!