Dip dye kitchen curtains

Dip dye kitchen curtains

Interior design ideas for your kitchen: The dip-dyed curtains make a great kitchen decor. With tesa Powerstrips® Hook Large CLASSIC all your decorating ideas take shape.

Level of difficulty For ambitious hands
Duration 15

We need:

Bucket, fabric paint (for interior decorating) gloves white semi-transparent fabric made of natural fibers (desired height of the curtain + 4 cm x width of the window) ribbon (width of the curtain + 60 cm) safety pin scissors sewing machine tesa Powerstrips® Hook Large CLASSIC

How we do it:

Kitchen curtains / Step 1

Collect all required items and let's start!

Kitchen curtains / Step 2

Sew a "tunnel" on the upper border of the fabric: fold and roughly stitch 2 x 2 cm. Fold the fabric longwise, creating a narrow strip. Prepare the dye bath according to the manufacturer's instructions and shortly dip the wet fabric to 5 cm before the desired color height into the color - then immediately pull it out a bit. The color will bleed up higher into the fabric. Allow the color to soak in and then again pull out a bit of fabric. Repeat the procedure several times until the desired color gradient is achieved. Wash the fabric thoroughly, let dry and iron. Remove hanging threads around the open borders.

Kitchen curtains / Step 3

Using the safety pin, pull the ribbon through the tunnel.

Kitchen curtains / Step 4

Before applying the Powerstrip®, thoroughly clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or a silicone-free multi-purpose cleaner.

Kitchen curtains / Step 5

Remove one protective film from the Powerstrip®. Firmly press the Powerstrip® at least five seconds on the desired spot on the wall. Please make sure that the red line of the Powerstrip® is on the downside. Do not remove the protective film on the latch.

Kitchen curtains / Step 6

Remove the second protective film.

Kitchen curtains / Step 7

Remove the transparent base plate from the hook.

Kitchen curtains / Step 8

Attach the base plate with the smooth side above the red line. Firmly press for at least for five seconds. Do not press on the latch.

Kitchen curtains / Step 9

Place the hook on the base plate and slide it down until it snaps.

Kitchen curtains / Step 10

Fasten the curtains to the hooks with the ribbons.

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