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Decorative Wall Shelves

Decorative Wall Shelves

A plain white glass shelving unit is certainly not the most exciting piece of furniture – unless its back wall is covered with a beautiful wallpaper. It's so easy: Create your own wall shelves design!

  • White shelf or glass cabinet
  • wallpaper with blue-white pattern (here "Indigo Wallpaper blue" by Graham & Brown)
  • yardstick
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tesa® Handicraft tape

This is how we do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

Step 1


Measure the backwall surface of the cabinet or shelf, and transfer the measurements onto the backside of the wallpaper using the ruler and the pencil. Cut the wallpaper.

Step 2


Depending on the size of the surface, apply at least six 5-cm pieces of tape at the corners and in the center of the longer sides.

Step 3


Remove the protective films from the upper border. 

Step 4


Glue the upper border of the wallpaper onto the backwall.

Peel off the protective films on the bottom border, and glue the wallpaper crease-free onto the wall – press firmly.

Step 5
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