Decorative letters

Decorative letters

In order to create this fall decoration idea, first, you need to gather some acorns. The acorn caps are then glued and sprayed in gold – Welcome to the autumn season!

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 15

We need:

Decorative letters approx. 20 cm acorn caps cutter scissors spray paint gold tesa® Handicraft tape 2.75 m x 38 mm tesa Easy Cover® Premium M

How we do it:

Decorative letters - Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

Decorative letters - Step 1

Fully cover the front side of the letters with handicraft tape.

Decorative letters - Step 2

Turn the letters around and cut off the protruding tape along the borders using the cutter.

Decorative letters - Step 3

Remove the protective film.

Decorative letters - Step 4

Glue on the acorn caps side by side and press firmly.

Decorative letters - Step 5

Cover your workspace with the Easy Cover® and spray the letters with gold paint.