Decorative Jewellery Display

Decorative Jewellery Display

With these stucco rosettes, you can show off your favorite jewellry as part of a beautiful display. And for earrings or small pots, you can complement the effect with a stucco bars, used as a shelf. Use tesa® Powerbond INDOOR to keep everything in place.

  • Stucco rosettes in different shapes and sizes, a 4 cm deep stucco bar made of Styrofoam
  • white varnish
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • decorative pins
  • tesa® Powerbond INDOOR 1.5 m x 19 mm



How to do it:


Collect all items and let's start!

tesa SE


Paint the stucco elements with the white varnish.

tesa SE
Paint it - Step 1


Mark the desired positions of rosettes and bar on the wall.

tesa SE
Mark - Step 2


Remove any dust from the wall.

tesa SE
Remove the dust - Step 3


Apply long and short tesa Powerbond® INDOOR strips vertically on the marked spots.

tesa SE
Apply Tape - Step 4


Firmly press each strip for five seconds firmly on the wall. Remove protective films.



tesa SE
Remove the film - Step 5


Firmly press stucco bars and rosettes on the wall for five seconds. Attach jewelry items with the Pins.


tesa SE
Press Stucco - Step 6