Fall Decoration with Leaves

Fall Decoration with Leaves

Bare branches? Not a problem for us: We are going to create leafy wonder - in a flash: Once the leaves have been cut out of paper, they are attached to a nice-looking branch using tesafilm®.

  • Sturdy paper for the stencil
  • Stencil template
  • Gray or pink-colored paper (plain and patterned)
  • A branch
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • tesafilm® crystal-clear


tesa SE
Overview of materials.


What We Need:

We need sturdy paper for the stencil, stencil template, gray or pink-colored paper (plain and patterned), a branch, scissors, pencil, and tesafilm® crystal-clear.

tesa SE
Cut a stencil.


Cut a stencil from the sturdy paper using the template.

tesa SE
Draw the leaves and cut them out.


Draw the leaves on the paper using the stencil and then cut out the shapes.

tesa SE
Wrap the leaf around the branch.


Wrap the leaf stalk around the branch and stick it in place using tesafilm® crystal-clear.

tesa SE
Enjoy your self-made fall decoration!


Enjoy your self-made fall decoration!


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