Cooling rack

Cooling rack

Simple organizing tips - The cooling rack mounted on the wall hooks "tesa Powerstrips® Hook Large CLASSIC" is one of the most appreciated interior design ideas.

Level of difficulty : Original & quick

Kitchen decor: actually, they are simple cooling racks - yet, sprayed with color and hung on the wall with tesa Powerstrips® Hook Large CLASSIC, these kitchen accessories help keeping the kitchen organized, until they are removed again. Moreover, no one can see that once there was a hook…


tesa SE
Cooling rack/Step 1


Step 1

We need: cooling racks, spray paint in red and white, painting pad, tesa Powerstrips® Hook Large CLASSIC

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Cooling rack/Step 2


Step 2

You might want to bend the "feet" of the racks slightly inward, so they hang straight on the hook on the wall and don't stick out. Undercoat the rack in white and, after drying, partially spray it with the red color.

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Cooling rack/Step 3


Step 3

Before applying the Powerstrip®, thoroughly clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or a silicone-free multi-purpose cleaner.

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Cooling rack/Step 4


Step 4

Remove one protective film from the Powerstrip®.

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Cooling rack/Step 5


Step 5

Firmly press the Powerstrip® at least five seconds on the desired spot on the wall. Please make sure that the red line of the Powerstrip® is on the downside. Do not remove the protective film on the latch.

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Cooling rack/Step 6


Step 6

Remove the second protective film.

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Cooling rack/Step 7


Step 7

Remove the transparent base plate from the hook.

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Cooling rack/Step 8


Step 8

Attach the base plate with the smooth side above the red line. Firmly press for at least for five seconds. Do not press on the latch.

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Cooling rack/Step 9


Step 9

Place the hook on the base plate and slide it down until it snaps.

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Cooling rack/Step 10


Step 10

Hang the cooling rack on the hook. Now, check out our other interior design ideas and organizing tips.

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