Chalkboard Tree Calendar

Chalkboard Tree Calendar

For this kids Advent calendar, a tree is painted on a wooden board using chalkboard varnish, and then decorated with school chalk. Powerbond tape is used to fix the shelves holding 24 small parcels.


DIY Advent Calendar / Overview


Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 1


Transfer the outlines of the tree to the board using a pencil, place the wooden trims as indicated on the template and mark them with a pencil.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 2


Transfer the lateral diagonal lines of the tree to the external edges of the angle trims and saw them off obliquely. The trims are glued to the board along the 3-cm sides.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 3


Apply tesa Powerbond® Ultra Strong on the previously cleaned, 3-cm sides of the trims and cut to fit. Press the tape firmly on the trim for 5 seconds; then peel off the protective film.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 4


Press the trims firmly for 5 seconds on the marked areas of the previously cleaned board.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 5


Mask the outer borders of the tree, using tesa® Masking Tape Perfect. At the corners, cut the masking tape at an angle so that it fits seamlessly and cleanly.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 6


Paint the tree with the chalkboard paint.

DIY Advent Calendar / Step 7


Allow the paint to dry and remove the masking tape. Now decorate the tree with your Christmas ideas.

Christmas Tree Stencil

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