Autumn Pictures

Autumn Pictures

No question: Autumn leaves shine in gorgeous colors. However, a gold-colored finish transforms the leaves into a great wall décor for the autumn season. The background in a trendy concrete look creates a nice contrast.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 30

We need:

For each Picture: 2 x poplar plywood boards: 25 x 25 x 0,8 cm und 25 x 38 x 0.8 cm pressed autumn leaves gold handicraft paint brush wallpaper scraps in concrete pattern or similar paper ruler scissors pencil spray varnish gold tesa® Spray glue PERMANENT tesa Glue Roller Permanent ecoLogo® tesa Easy Cover® Premium M tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster (2x1 kg)

How we do it:

Autumn Pictures - Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 1

Paint a wide (approx. 2,5 cm) golden border on one side of each wooden board - don't forget the edges. Allow to dry.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 2

Cut pieces (22 x 22 cm and 22 x 35 cm) from the wallpaper or the paper. Now apply glue on the back side using the glue roller.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 3

Glue the paper to the center of the wooden boards.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 4

Cover your working space with tesa Easy Cover® and spray the leaves with the gold varnish. Allow to dry, and then fix the leaves in the center using the spray glue. Press firmly.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 5

Clean the wall from any dust. Peel-off a Powerstrip® from the sheet.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 6

Place it on the desired spot on the wall and press firmly on different parts for at least five seconds.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 7

Remove the protective film.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 8

Place the Adhesive Nail on the Powerstrip® and press firmly on different parts for at least five seconds.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 9

If necessary, adjust the height of the nail.

Autumn Pictures - Overview - Step 10

Apply a hanger to the back side of the picture and mount it on the adhesive nail.

tesa products required for this project