tesa trendpapier 2 / Idee 3: Blütenlampe / Aufmacher

A paper lantern in blossom

Colorful lighting: Do you think these simple paper lanterns every dreamed that they'd be turned into works of art with hand-made paper flowers?

Level of difficulty Leisurely inspiration
Duration 15

We need:

paper lantern cord with socket sturdy transparent paper paper with flower design hole punch scissors pattern hole punch with large flowers (approx. 4 cm) ribbon 2 mm x 18 cm per flower tesa Easy Stick ecoLogo® tesa extra Power® Perfect cloth tape (red) tesa® double-sided tape

How we do it:

DIY Paper lantern / Step 1: Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Paper lantern / Step 2: Apply

Tape the tesa extra Power® Perfect cloth tape lengthwise along the cord and press it down to close the seam.

DIY Paper lantern / Step 3: Repeat

If it's too thick, repeat the process from the other side to hide the open seam.

DIY Paper lantern / Step 4: Stamp flowers

Use the pattern hole punch to punch shapes out of the flower paper and the transparent paper and stick them together with tesa Stick ecoLogo®: Each flower is made of 3 petals, 2 x transparent and 1 x patterned paper.

DIY Paper lantern / Step 5: Flowers

Use the hole puncher to punch 2 holes side by side in each flower, leaving some distance in between.

DIY Paper lantern / Step 6: Attach flowers

065. Attach the flowers

Thread the matching ribbon through the holes in the shape of a noose, pull the noose tight and attach the finished flowers to the lantern with tesa® double-sided tape.