tesa underlines commitment in Southeast Asia on delegation trip with German President Steinmeier

End of January 2023, tesa's CEO Dr. Norman Goldberg had the privilege of accompanying Federal President Mr. Steinmeier on a delegation trip to Southeast Asia. With a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region, particularly in vibrant markets such as electronics and automotive, tesa aims to strengthen local business relationships, establish new contacts, and engage in conversations with important political decision-makers to further its expansion goals on-site.


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Vietnam was the first stop on this journey and for tesa it serves as a central hub for addressing fast-growing markets and business segments like electronics and automotive. tesa's newly opened site in Haiphong is a testament to the company's significant growth in the region. By expanding local production capabilities and streamlining supply chains, tesa ensures the availability of regional products, ample transportation capacity, and efficient raw material sourcing. With production capacities of 70,000 square meters and an impressive production volume exceeding 40 million square meters per year, tesa is meeting the growing demand for its adhesive tape products. Notably, around 50% of the manufactured adhesives are water-based, reflecting tesa's commitment to sustainable solutions.

During the visit in Thailand, which marked the second and final stop on the delegation trip, tesa's CEO had the opportunity to visit the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bangkok, highlighting the rapid expansion of Thailand's industrial sector, particularly in electric car manufacturing. With 20 years of operations in the region, tesa supports both global automotive manufacturers and the world's leading electronic businesses. By providing adhesive solutions developed in collaboration with OEMs and suppliers, tesa contributes to environmentally friendly electrification and automotive digitalization. These adhesive solutions are primarily used in battery applications, to protect wire harnesses, and in hybrid and electric powertrains. Additionally, tesa's adhesive tapes play a crucial role in holding together increasingly complex display systems in cars.


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© Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung

Furthermore, during the delegation's trip to Ubon Ratchathani, it became evident that the Thai government is making significant efforts towards sustainability. The risks of climate change were a key topic of discussion in various government and business circles, highlighting the country's commitment to addressing this global challenge.