tesa Launches Release Liner Splicing Tape


A splicing tape for release liners must fulfil two very specific requirements. The adhesive of the splicing tape needs to stick to the siliconized papers and films typically used for release liners. Its backing, however, needs very good anti-adhesive characteristics for a wide range of materials that are coated above it.

In the production of artificial leather, for example, molten PVC/PU is applied on a release liner. After drying at high temperatures, the liner is separated from the artificial leather. The splicing tape connects one roll of release liner to the next – creating a virtually endless liner. The backing of the splicing tape must therefore have the same anti-adhesive properties as the release liner itself.

tesa® 61127 Sample Roll
tesa® 61127 Sample Roll

The new tesa® 61127 is a single-sided splicing tape specifically developed for this double challenge. Its silicone adhesive is designed for splicing siliconized papers and films, low-surface-energy materials, and more. The splicing tape itself has no release liner, but a PET backing with exceptional anti-adhesive characteristics. It is therefore very useful for processes where the final product is continuously separated from the release liner. It increases the efficiency of the processes and reduces reworking times and wastage.

Key Features of the Release Liner Splicing Tape

Thanks to its thin and robust backing, the new tesa® 61127 can be applied without bubbles and wrinkles. The splicing tape offers a good initial tack on release liners, and because of its black color, the splices can be detected easily and reliably.

As the splicing tape has outstanding release characteristics, the final product can be separated easily and continuously without damaging it. It also has a high shear strength and offers exceptional temperature and chemical resistance.

If you would like to know more about the tesa® 61127 release liner splicing tape, please get in touch with us or with your distributor and request a sample roll.