Carton Sealing Tape Assortment

Carton Sealing Tapes Are Indispensable for Packaging


As e-commerce is growing rapidly, demand for packaging solutions and carton sealing tapes is soaring. More and more goods are being shipped directly to consumers and must be packaged securely.

tesa® Carton Sealing Tape Assortment
tesa® Carton Sealing Tape Assortment

tesa® has a long history of manufacturing carton sealing tapes. They are one of our most well-known products and are used on a large scale in every industry. Over time, this successful range has been adapted to meet new expectations. Parcels for example are getting heavier, so we have introduced a new packaging tape for cartons weighing over 30 kg.

As packaging sales increase dramatically, it is also important to think about recycling. Some recycling systems require specific types of cardboard, so we make sure our carton sealing tapes provide reliable adhesion even on difficult materials.

Carton Sealing Tapes for Every Packaging Need

Our carton sealing tapes are used to secure shipments, to reinforce carton closures, and also to prevent tampering and theft. The adhesion of the tesa® packing tapes is so strong that they are impossible to remove without damaging the surface of the cardboard. Any attempt to open the packaging is therefore clearly visible. We also offer white and clear tapes with individualized prints to increase brand awareness and make tampering even more difficult.

Would you like to know more about the tesa® carton sealing tapes? Please download our packaging folder and get in touch with us or with your local distributor to request a sample roll!