tesa® 60013
Reinforced paper packaging tape is now FSC®-certified


We are committed to sustainability. With the upgrade of tesa® 60013, all tesa® paper carton sealing tapes now have an FSC®-certified backing.


Features of tesa® 60013

Reinforced paper packaging tape

  • The main application of the tesa® 60013 reinforced paper packaging tape is the secure sealing of cardboard boxes. With its high tensile strength, it is suitable for light, medium and heavy cartons up to 25 kg. As it is easy to unwind and can be applied with manual and automatic dispensers, it is also very comfortable to use.
  • tesa® 60013 has a high-performance hot melt adhesive with aggressive tack and a kraft paper backing that is reinforced with bi-directional fiberglass. The adhesive has a special formula that provides superior adhesion to all types of cardboard. After curing, the bond between the reinforced paper tape and the cardboard is so strong that it cannot be removed without visible damage to the cardboard. tesa® 60013 consequently has tamper-evident characteristics as well.

With these features, tesa® 60013 is a more sustainable alternative to filmic packaging tapes. As a more sustainable product, it can help companies achieve their own sustainability goals and position themselves as a more responsible brand.

tesa® 60013 completes our FSC®- certified paper tape assortment


Our paper carton sealing tape assortment comprises five different tapes. For light cartons up to 10 kg, tesa® 4713 is the ideal choice. tesa® 4513 can be used for light and medium-heavy cartons up to 15 kg. For cartons up to 20 kg, we recommend tesa® 60408 with a natural rubber adhesive and tesa® 4313 PV12 with a very strong synthetic rubber adhesive. For even heavier packaging needs, there is tesa® 60013 with its fiber glass reinforced paper backing.


As we make no compromise on responsible sourcing, our complete assortment of paper-based carton sealing tape now has a FSC®-certified paper backing. No matter which carton sealing tape you choose, it will meet your requirements, and at the same time, you help take care of the world’s forestry.1 In short: We are committed to sustainability and make it as easy as possible for our clients to take the next step towards sustainability. It just makes sense.


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